The Platform

Data, signals, and reports on what matters

Real time capture of global trade lets you

Monitor your areas of interest, discover patterns, and deliver timely insights.

Corner the market economy in real time with global, high cadence data and analytics.

Uncover and validate potential investments, monitor strategic assets.

Identify market opportunity and business risk before anyone else.

Proprietary, intelligent data feed

MariData delivers powerful global trade flow data by combining proprietary and public data sources and the most advanced satellite ship tracking data with advanced machine learning techniques.

MariData is a proprietary database of global trade movements, delivering insights from the highest level country import/export data down to the most granular detail of cargo operations from a specific terminal or berth.

Imports, Exports & Commodities

MariData provides insights into country imports and exports, including commodities such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, LNG, LPG, and more. But insights aren’t enough. MariData provides you with actionable data to make the decisions that affect your business.

● Contextualize and validate potential investments with accurate assessment

● Monitor conditions, activity, and on-the-ground change near strategic assets

● Assess key risk factors and considerations to enhance returns and find alpha

● Daily revisit and global coverage

● Enables investment firms to bridge information gaps and addresses activity in nontransparent markets and geographies

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Our Data

The MariData platform’s unique data is accessed through the web portal, or via our API. Via the API, MariData can be interrogated independently, or integrated with exiting enterprise systems. The API is available via JSON and XML. The MariData portal provides:

Database Query

Intuitive user-friendly access to all available data.

Web Tools

Bespoke tools to interrogate specific aspects of the data-set.

MariData Reports

A library of downloadable periodic reports on specific topics.

Data Overview

Indicators of the changes in global trade

  • Inter-country trade flow
  • Country, port, terminal and berth performance indicators, in terms of congestion and turnaround time.
  • Vessel performance, in terms of overall activity, average capacity, and trade route activity.

A global record of individual cargo movements, including load and discharge terminal, cargo type, quantity, and vessel details.

Specific commodity enquiries including:

  • Iron Ore
  • Bauxite
  • Coal
  • Grain
  • ...and more

Machine learning and pattern recognition predict the port and time of discharge for each cargo.

  • Imminent activity at a specific port
  • Vessel or fleet progress monitoring
  • Early warning of itinerary changes

Vessel and terminal databases can be interrogated to provide deep analysis of the performance of importers, exporters, shipping companies, and the wider market.

  • Monitor operational KPI’s
  • Investigate the effect of trade on FX changes
  • Early identification of exposure to market swings

Draw down data for a specific port, terminal or berth, including volume and type of each cargo moved.

  • Port loading and discharge waiting times
  • Anchorage wait time and congestion
  • Expected arrivals

Single vessel or fleet status reports, including current cargo type and quantity, load port, and predicted ETA and location of discharge.

Asses risk from piracy and crime-at-sea for a given vessel over a given route.

  • Includes live reporting all known maritime security incidents

Do You Know

MariData Facts
Tonnes of iron ore exported from Australia in the last 12 months
Commodity movements detected since 2015
Tonnes of coal exported from South Africa in the last 12 months

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