Why MariData?

Data analytics is critical for investors and businesses to understand the world in which they operate. Shipping is the lifeblood of the physical goods economy, and our mission is to generate structured data that provides a globally complete picture of all shipping activity.

MariData lets you analyse all aspects of global shipping to develop unique market insights, identify investment opportunities, and monitor the activity of individual ships, or whole industry sectors.

​By systematically tracking the worldwide movements of over 50,000 commercial ships between 7,500 ports, and blending with additional proprietary data sets, we provide a unique perspective on more than 100,000 individual cargo movements that occur every month.

The world, covered

The Platform

Macro Trade Flow

Unique insights into the state of global trade

Real-time effects of trade wars and import restrictions

Early indicator of shifting trade patterns

Company, commodity, and sector specific data

Company specific data sets, tracking the import/export activity of major industry players​

Detailed data on commodity movements, including iron ore, coal, oil, LNG and grains​

Real-time monitoring of port and terminal throughput​

Detailed Trading history for investors, insurers, and analysts

Complete trading history for individual ships:

● Monitor the performance of shipping companies

● Improved due diligence on shipping investments

● Analyse risk by blending with insurance claims records

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Our Data

Our data can be accessed through the web portal, or via our API for integration with exiting enterprise systems.

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer is a versatile tool to interrogate any aspect of our global shipping data

● Over 600 pre-defined data sets provide insight on multiple companies, sectors, trading partners and commodities

● The intuitive data builder tool lets you define new data sets and perform unique analysis on any other aspect of shipping activity

● Each data set can be analysed through multiple metrics, including total tonnage transported, and utilisation capacity

Access to this unique resource starts from as little as US$250 per month.

Ship specific tools:

● Complete trading history, including trading areas, port calls, and load/discharge events

● Destination and ETA prediction

Port and terminal data:​

● Complete terminal or port call trading history

● Expected arrivals and ETA

Security data:​

● Marine crime activity data from our sister brand MariShield

● Real time piracy risk assessments based on current trading activity

● Historical risk assessment, looking at a ship’s trading past trading activity​

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Screenshots of some of our data modules

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